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June 2011

This June, I will complete 3 years of professional Homeopathic Studies with Nancy Frederick and the Baylight School of Homeopathy. WOW. There aren't words to express the impact of this experience on so many different levels. Although I have already set my sights on further education, I am ready to step out into the community and offer my services as a homeopath!

This first newsletter is dedicated to introducing some foundational concepts in homeopathic philosophy: our susceptibility and vital force 
I hope that my take on these essential ideas broadens your own light of understanding.

The Vital Force
The vital force is our intrinsic energy... that which keeps us in balance and in health- physically, emotionally, and spiritually. In Chinese medicine, the same idea is expressed as chi;
in Ayurvedic (Indian) philosophy, it is known as prana.

When discussing health in terms of allopathic medicine, we mostly refer to our immune system as the gatekeeper of health. And yet, 'immune system' refers to the action of T-cells, phagocytes, and other biological elements that fight microorganisms and maintain homeostasis in the physical body It does not encompass the full range of dynamic processes that work together to maintain our health. True health is not only the absence of physical symptoms; it is a state of being- joyful, creative, and free. 

 Have ever found yourself falling ill after some big life event, like a break-up, a week of working around the clock, or upon hearing shocking news? Then you have experienced that our health and vitality is contingent on more than simply the presence or absence of bacteria and viruses.

If our vital force is what keeps us bouncing back, then it is our susceptibility that strikes us out.
Your cousin Joe and his wife run marathons together, but somehow he still gets the flu at least once a year and she gets through with barely a head cold. Consider the person who thrives under pressure vs. the one who breaks down. The kid down the street has broken 3 bones in 5 years. What's up with that?!
Our susceptibilities are expressed in the way we fall ill, get hurt, and/or stumble into the same life experiences over and over.

Susceptibilities can run in families and might be labeled as 'genetic' in the biological sense, but they are also completely individual- like our fingerprints. Most of us are acutely aware of our susceptibilities, and yet we just live with them. Discovering an individual's susceptibility is the detective work of the homeopath- they are the clues that lead us to the remedy.

 The Pitcher, the Ball and the Batter
It is all very well to talk vital force and susceptibility, but the beauty of these concepts is in their relationship to each other.

Imagine 2 players- a pitcher, and a batter. LIFE is your pitcher- it keeps throwing balls, one after another, at the batter, or, VITAL FORCE. Your vital force valiantly hits at these balls, the best it can. In perfect shape, it can hit every one: the fast balls, the curve balls, the splitter... Would that we were all in perfect shape and could smack them all, right out of the park! Alas, this is where SUSCEPTIBILITY comes in. Perhaps your susceptibility is curve balls, fork balls, the slurve, and the change-up will get you every time. Your Vital Force meets every one as best it can, and sometimes gets a decent hit in, but more often than not, can't hit them right on. Do you know the feeling of struggle? It zaps your energy, it's harder to connect with your inherent joy, and a basic cold can keep you down for weeks.

Life is not going to stop throwing balls at you. You cannot change the balls that are thrown at you. You *can* strengthen your Vital Force.

So... where does Homeopathy fit?   A homeopathic remedy works at the source level- your vital force. How and why? My newsletters will answer this question in many ways, because while homeopathy is an elegant, simple concept, it is also a different paradigm than conventional medicine, and as such, can be difficult to grasp in its entirety. So- keep subscribing- and learn.     

Your Home Remedy Kit - What to have on hand for Summer! 
 arnica montana: The poster child of homeopathy, arnica montana is the most recognized remedy and likely the most widely used. Pick it up in a 30c potency and use for bruises, muscular and body pain associated with over-exertion or accidents, such as sprains or strains. Especially important for head injuries or suspected head injuries! Caution: although they both start with "A," arnica should not be used like Advil, or other over the counter pain meds. In other words- use for those injuries, left untreated, that could be limiting or are not healing as they should

Apis mellifica: potentized honey-bee poison, apis is a go-to remedy for insect stings and other inflammations that present as: hot, red, and swollen with stinging pain and itching. Patient might be shrieking/hysterical from the sensations. A dose (5-6 pellets) or 2 in a 30c potency should help alleviate symptoms.

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