Sunday, May 8, 2016

Why Mothers Choose Homeopathy

There are a lot of reasons why people decide to try homeopathy. If each reason was a coin, a few piles would be the richest. But the richest of all, is the pile from mothers.

Hoping mothers-to-be can find success in constitutional treatment for issues of infertility...

Mothers may meet homeopathy when their midwives introduce them to this medicine, that is gentle and safe for pregnancy...

Laboring mothers move through slow labors, fear, vomiting, or stopped labors with the rapid efficiency of a well chosen remedy...

Breastfeeding mothers find relief from mastitis, low milk supply, over milk supply, and soreness from delivery (vaginal or caesarean) from appropriate remedies...

Mothers find homeopathic remedies to soothe the tricky colic of crying babies...

Babies and toddlers find relief from teething pain, coughs and colds, fevers and night-terrors...

Some mothers discover the use of homeopathic remedies to educate the immune system gently with homeoprophylaxis, as an alternative to traditional vaccines...

Mothers can soothe themselves from post-partum depression, overwhelm, anxiety and stress with constitutional care...

Mother's find that homeopathic care can greatly assist their children with autism or asperger's syndrome, in some cases reversing their symptoms...

Children receive relief from anxiety or labels from school (ADD, ADHD) without the use of prescription medication with good constitutional care....

They bounce back from sports injuries and the scrapes of childhood with remedies applied for first aid... 

Teens receive welcome emotional support from well-chosen remedies as they navigate the shifting waters of adolescence...

Mothers are empowered to treat their families naturally and gently at home, avoiding unnecessary antibiotics and trips to the doctor or ER, learning to trust their children's immune system and capacity to heal with homeopathic support...

Mother-Earth feels the gentleness of homeopathy's footprint on the earth- no pharmaceuticals or chemicals dumped in city water systems and cruel testing on animals....

To be sure, all individuals who find and choose homeopathy can find these benefits for themselves and their families, parents or no. But in my experience, its the mothers who are looking for the peaceful alternatives, the ge
ntle paths to support their children in being the best of who they are.

Here's to the mothers, and their role in bringing homeopathy to the next generation!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Ease Lyme Anxiety: Homeopathic Treatment of Acute Tick Bites

It's that time of year again. It's getting green and gorgeous, and the ticks are hungry.

Lyme is a big deal, I know. I know people personally with Lyme,  I know stories of people with Lyme I don't know personally, I have treated patients with Lyme. It can be a doozy.

But, you know what's almost worse?

Living in fear. Stress. Nothing to do but wait... and worry.  Folks try and ease this by getting their ticks tested for Lyme, but there's still the waiting. Will symptoms develop? And there can be _so_many_ symptoms, some classic, and some not.  The bulls-eye used to be the tip off...but no more.

So what to do? Avoid the woods? Cower? Run to antibiotics after every tick bite? Even those who do everything to avoid antibiotics in other ailments will fill their prescription.

I'm going to share with you my personal homeopathic protocol for tick bites. If you use homeopathy for nothing else, get yourself some Ledum, and follow this protocol.

In my house, we have tick bites. I have pulled multiple ticks off my son, myself, my husband, after days in the woods. None of us have contracted Lyme. Is it this protocol? I'd like to think it plays a part.

It also keeps me sane. It gives me something to do, to be proactive. An action and remedy that I trust. I don't send ticks in to be tested, but I follow my protocol, and I observe.

We know that fear and stress lower our resistance and immune response. Hitting the roof with fear with every tick bite opens the door to infection, I truly believe that.  How do we begin to shift that fear? When we know stories, we know people, perhaps we have been infected ourselves?

Start with your reaction. Move to your thoughts. Change your words. Make a choice.

Change- "Oh my god! It's a tick! I hope i don't have Lyme disease!" Fear. Panic. Adrenaline rush. Stress, manically saving the tick, sending it out for diagnostic tests.


"Oh, I/my child picked up a tick. " Observe what's actually in front of you. Don't project into the future. Note the severity of the bite- does it detach with gentle pulling? is it engorged? Save it *if need be.* Pull out your Ledum and tick-bite dosing protocol. Be proactive, and observe.

Don't even think Lyme disease. There's no Lyme disease yet. It's a tick bite. There's no disease until there are symptoms.

And that protocol? here you go:

1. Treatment for a tick that has latched on, but there's no engorgement and comes off quite easily with gentle pulling, and likely has been on for a couple hours.  

If you pull the tick off, there would be very little reaction- little to no swelling or redness. 

Give/Take 2 doses of Ledum 30c within 12 hours. One dose = 2-3 pellets. Age doesn't matter- this goes for children or adults. Monitor the bite site. If there's a local reaction, you can re-dose the Ledum 30c daily. Stop if the reaction exacerbates. Stop if any additional symptoms - fever, headache, achiness etc.- develop and contact provider of choice.
2. Treatment for a tick that is clearly engorged, is very difficult to pull off and has likely been latched on for many hours or days, give a single dose of Ledum 1M (you can purchase from an online pharmacy, it is not generally sold in stores).

 I have found this will immediately help bring down swelling and tenderness, though the site will begin to itch and continue to itch for several days to over a week. 

If the swelling returns or redness, you can follow the 1M with 30c as needed. The itching doesn't tend to respond to the Ledum, you can use Urtica urens (homeopathically prepared stinging nettle) in 30c to help if needed.  Again if local symptoms exacerbate or additional symptoms- fever, headache, achiness- develop, contact care provider.

The Ledum is stimulating the body to effectively respond to the bite; which may in turn also neutralize the Lyme bacteria and prevent the development of an infection.  This is the same principle by which you give someone with a high fever Belladonna; the remedy stimulates the body in its response to whatever infection or stimuli is causing the fever, often enabling the immune system to complete its work, without moving into a full-blown illness be it cough, flu, croup, etc. 

I think its important to emphasize that Ledum is treating the *tick bite* not Lyme disease. There is no Lyme disease when you get a tick bite. Yes, it *may* develop. And you *may* get the flu from someone at the grocery store. But, you might not.  

This is part of changing your mindset. We need to sever the cord of tick = Lyme always. 

Be proactive about your tick bites. Stay observant of your symptoms, and educated about what to take further action on. 

Having a Ledum protocol gives me great peace of mind, and I hope that it helps you too, feel more empowered and proactive.