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July 2011

Signs and Symptoms

The Vital Force speaks to us through our physical body. Through aches and pains, the colds we just can't seem to shake, or the slow development of a chronic illness- our Vital Force calls us to pay attention. Most of us take instant notice of pain, discomfort, or changes in our physical state. These physical sensations carry a deeper message: that our Vital Force is out of alignment.

 Every sign and symptom your body produces is significant in homeopathy; they are your unique expression. Some indicate your inherent susceptibilities, others indicate where life experiences have left their mark. Many people are surprised at the level of detail and description asked by a homeopath. But like tracking an animal through the woods, every mark reveals information about its owner. Likewise, every remedy has distinct markers that indicate how it will be curative.

 No sensation, passing illness, old condition, or infection is insignificant.

 If you are in the habit of just "living with" your body's signals, or viewing all colds and flus as equal, bring a little curiosity to your observations:

  • What makes your symptoms better or worse?
  • Note the quality of pain, food cravings and aversions, and tolerances to temperature.
  • What about your condition is *different* that your normal state?
  • What is your mental state? irritable, whiny, quiet, restless...
 These are just a few details that will give important information to your homeopath when you need a remedy; or for yourself when deciding on a remedy at home.

Acute Illness

Acute conditions are short lived, and are the vital force's response to an impingement on the system.  From a homeopathic perspective, the acute symptoms you experience indicate a healthy vital force
that has the ability to respond and re-align itself. If you have a strong vital force, you can produce a fever, make a productive cough, or keep an allergic reaction on the surface of your body in the form of a rash. The healthier you are, the more acute your illnesses will be.

Wait a minute... you might be thinking... when I'm getting cold after cold in the winter, i do NOT feel healthy.

True enough-  if you are going from cold to flu to cold, then your Vital Force is healthy enough to mount an effort, but it's struggling to keep you in balance and is *not* strong enough to throw off the dis-ease for good. This is especially true if symptoms have been suppressed using decongestants, cough suppressants, or topical steroid cream.  When symptoms are suppressed the energy is driven inward (as opposed to out of the system) and can result in stronger, more serious issues.

Consider forest-fire management. A healthy forest system burns regularly. This kind of clearing is necessary, and the end result is a healthier, more vibrant forest. For years, our state and federal forest management systems have suppressed fire. The result, when fires do burn, are bigger, stronger, and more destructive.


When you take a dose of a remedy, remember that you are affecting the vital force, not the physical body. Any physical effects you feel- curative or the revelation of new symptoms-  are your body's response to your vital force realigning itself. That being said, it makes sense that most remedies are prescribed in 1 or 2 doses. It's like knocking on a door- if someone answers, a visit begins. You don't keep knocking on the door :) If no one answers, then you come back later; in other words, you got the wrong remedy/wrong door.

To consider:
In an acute illness/accident, if you have chosen the correct remedy, expect to see results within hours- minutes, if it is a fast acting/moving condition.

For example if your child goes from fine to fever in the span of an hour, and you recognize the red face and glassy eyes of
Belladonna; you would expect to see a response as rapidly as the condition developed.
  • If there is *no* response, re-dose (ie- knock one more time). If there is still no response, try a different remedy.  
  • If there is a positive response, wait. If a relapse occurs, give another dose. wait.   
  • It is not uncommon to try a few different remedies until you get the right one.  
  • and if you have the right one, you'll know! You or your patient will be noticeably improved and will only need re-dosing if the patient slips back into their original symptoms.  
Understanding how homeopathic dosing works is tricky for all of us. Although you cannot "overdose" on energy medicine in the sense that you can overdose with allopathic drugs, you *can* stimulate your vital force such that the effect is not the rapid and gentle cure it is intended to be.  

Overall, dosing is an integral part of why homeopathy is an Art, as well as a Science. The vital force is a dynamic energy, as is the remedy. While there are some basic guidelines, the Homeopath is always assessing the nuances of the interaction to facilitate the most rapid, yet gentle cure possible.   

Home Remedy Kit

There is relief for stubbed and toes and biting insects

Ledum: homeopathically prepared Rosemary is essential for any kind of puncture wound- be it by insect, needle, or nail. It is prudent to have on hand if you come in contact with ticks, as it is one of the primary remedies for treating Lyme disease- which of course starts with a puncture/bite by a tick. Give one dose of 30c following a tick bite. If Lyme symptoms develop, a full case must be taken by a Homeopath.

General characteristics calling for Ledum include:  
  • part is better from cold applications/bathing
  • sore joints/rhuematism worse from heat, better cold
  • sprains with swelling/bruising
  • bites/stings with swelling and inflammation
St. John's Wort; excellent for injuries to nerves: fingertips, toes, tongue, teeth, etc... A first remedy when there is concern of tetanus following a wound. Pains are shooting, and sharp. Pain following dental procedures, and injuries of the spine.


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