Thursday, August 11, 2011

Newsletter as Blog

I started this blog with the urge to write about Homeopathy several months ago and then quickly found myself in a conundrum. While my goal felt clear, the medium of a blog, which often invites longer more involved writing, didn't seem the best delivery system for grab-n-go education, which is really what I'm after at this point. So I laid the blog to rest and started a monthly e-newsletter, a medium that I am enjoying and seems to be hitting its mark.

I have had requests, however, that the information from the newsletter be accessible for a later date, and easier to access than searching one's email stash. A friend and accomplished blogger in her own right, suggested that I offer the newsletter in blog format. Brilliant! And so, that is what you will find here- a storehouse of the e-newsletters, starting at the beginning. Perhaps at some point I may add additional blog posts but, I'm not promising anything.

So, be well, and read on!

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