Sunday, January 16, 2011

the intention

I have been thinking for awhile about writing about homeopathy. I study homeopathy. I use homeopathy. And more importantly, I think about homeopathy. Mostly, I think to myself, because when you start talking to people about homeopathy who *don't* think about or use homeopathy, you start hearing stories about chamomile tea and how they like to use herbs first too. This is not the same thing, and suddenly it becomes overwhelming to bridge that gap, and so mostly, I think about homeopathy to myself.

This is too bad, because for those of us (and it is a large number, despite what my above paragraph suggests) who do use, study and think Homeopathy, we know that we're on to something. In fact, we know that we are on to something amazing and can't imagine why others aren't on to it too. As a Homeopath, it is my purpose to restore health to the sick, but I'm widening my purpose to educating my patients about this path they've pursued, and hopefully some innocent bystanders who will take a step on to our path as well, not because it's the one thing they haven't tried yet, but because they've learned about it and it makes sense. And, it sounds amazing :)

Did I mention that in my previous life I was a teacher? I bet that has something to do with it as well.

My intention is that this blog will supplement my practice as a place where my patients can learn more about their healing modality. Appointments in the office are nearly never long enough to cover what we need to, and inevitably, the client education about dosing, potency, aggravations, and other important concepts- is hurried. Homeopathy is also a medical art, with a beautiful and elegant philosophy of health and life. Many don't know this- they know that it's changed their lives, but can't really articulate why other than, ' I have an amazing homeopath. i took a good remedy and it worked! You should try it!' Hmmm... mildly convincing, but lacks considerable depth.

My wish is that people who use homeopathy feel confident and clear about what homeopathy is, what it can do, and why they chose it. Every day I feel grateful that homeopathy has woven into the fabric of my life, and I guess free education is a little way to give back.

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