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Belly-aches, Overindulgence, Sugar-Highs, O My! Homeopathic Remedies for Halloween

Ah, Halloween. I love it- the dressing up, the people who go all out and transform their homes, the lore behind it- that the veil between this world and the unseen is the thinnest- and yes, I love the treats. And with most good American holidays there is always a healthy dose of overindulgence, staying up late, excitement, and expectation. These are the hallmarks of a holiday (and spending money, of course).
But you know, there is another aspect to all of these and that is, each of them presents an opportunity to use a homeopathic remedy :)

If homeopathic remedies help our bodies to maintain balance and homeostasis, to resist forces and energy that may overwhelm the vital force, what better holiday to keep a few choice remedies on hand, than Halloween?

Without further ado-

Nux Vomica
Nux vomica is the iconic Halloween remedy, in the same way that a witch adorns probably 90% of decorations and halloween imagery.

With an affinity for the nervous system and the gastrointestinal tract, and symptoms arising from over-indulgence and late nights, it's the trick to counter the treats :)

Let's do a little side-by-side comparison:

Symptoms:                                                                   Child: 
- nausea after eating                                                     - complains of bellyaches after class party
- bloating and tenderness                                             - says his belly hurts, and he hasn't pooped
- burping and gassy                                                          and he *can't* poop even though he's
- cutting belly ache                                                           tried!
- constipation, no desire to go                                      - vomiting after eating too much candy/treats
- chilly                                                                          - might describe belly as 'full' or a cutting
- mean-tempered, irritable,                                                  pain
- easily excited and angered                                          - falls apart after trick or treating, or a party
- oversensitive to stimulation                                         - grumpy and irritable at things she usually
- headache accompanied by gastro troubles                        loves
- hangover                                                                     - short tempered, exhausted, and grouchy the
                                                                                            morning after.

In short, when you see any combination of grumpiness and irritability and tummy troubles, think Nux Vomica. 

You might notice (if you are a regular reader, which I hope you are :) that I trot out Aconite a lot. It's such an indispensable remedy for acute situations and children, that I can't emphasize it enough. And, it's important for those using homeopathy in the home to start to see the same remedy in multiple situations to get a feel for the full-range of a remedy, rather than associating with just one condition. Because, if they symptom fits, use the remedy. It doesn't matter if you read about it in a post about Halloween, or croup.

There are a lot of remedies to address fear, and all of its nuance- of what? when? since when?  
Aconite will serve greatly for a child gets gets a quick fright or shock on Halloween- touring a haunted house with all the requisite surprises, seeing a particularly scary costume, or being out after dark.  A nightmare on Halloween evening, or begging you not to leave them in the dark after seemingly having fun all night? Definitely try a dose of Aconite. 

Remember that Aconite is for the most part a remedy for very acute, in-the-moment situations and persistent nightmares, fear, and anxiety can be treated with a range of remedies.

Phospohros is a great remedy for sensitive, open children who take everything in. They might be ghosts and spirits and a general fear of the dark. They are impressionable because of their openness. I imagine a young child with wide open eyes talking about a ghost story someone told her, or that the closet down the hall is definitely haunted.
fearful in a general way of what's around the corner? what is that noise? talk about

A child who needs Phosphoros may just seem overwhelmed by all that surrounds her on Halloween, and wants company and is a little bit weepy. Instead of the irritability and grouchiness of Nux Vomica there's a restlessness, a weariness... as if their "light" has been dimmed. They might seem "off" or low spirited after all the festivities and stimulation of Halloween.

As a contrast, I also think of phosphoros for the spaciness after flying and traveling, feeling drained after being at a party (especially one where you've been socializing non-stop), or fear and fright from thunderstorms.

Both the night before, and the night of Halloween can be marked by excitability and sleeplessness!

Coffea is, of course, coffee, and so you can imagine the kind of sleeplessness it treats nicely: restlessness, wide awake, lots of ideas, a desire to talk and play and be up and about. The kids want to stay up counting and sorting the candy, lying in bed going over the details of the evening.

A single dose of Coffea 30c may be enough to do it,  but I will often give (or take, for those nights when I'm the one tossing and turning!) two doses about 15 minutes apart.

For dosing in general, give two doses within an hour and wait and watch. As symptoms improve, hold back and only re-dose if needed. If there's no improvement after three doses, then consider another remedy or consult a practitioner if you feel it's necessary.


Of course, these are just four of the thousands of remedies that can meet the individual symptoms we experience in our own unique way. Homeopathic remedies gently support the body and can help make events like Halloween easier on the system for those who are susceptible to the energy of the evening.

Stay safe, have fun, and Happy Halloween!

(See you next week for a post you won't want to miss... coming on the heels of This American Life's amazing show on Tylenol:  I will be writing about treating a fever *naturally* and for all ages, with safe, non-toxic, recall free homeopathic remedies!)

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