Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Village Green Network, Ads, and

In an effort to reach a greater audience and also bring in some information on natural, holistic living that is not my specialty (wholefoods cooking, natural household products, etc...) I have joined the Village Green Network.   VGN is a group of bloggers focused on natural, green living who support each other by guest posting on each other's blogs, sharing posts and more. It helps each blogger to grow their audience and spread the ideas of natural, green living.

To that end, you will be seeing links and posts to other bloggers regularly. Mostly I will be choosing posts that align with what I am already writing about, or topics I think will interest my readers. Feel feel free to leave a comment about topics you'd like to read about.

The other piece about being a part of VGN are the banner ads that appear on the margins of a page. It's part of what keeps the network afloat financially, for those who work behind the scenes. Currently, they are working on a paid opt-out option for those of us who would prefer NOT to run the ads. I prefer not to have ads, and if I can pay the fee, I will do so to keep my blog ad-free. But if the fee is not affordable for me, I may run the ads for awhile. Please note that I cannot choose the ads that appear on my page. Mostly, they will follow YOU- so wherever you have been trolling online, the ads will follow. They may be for products and services are completely counter to what I advocate as a homeopath. I can't really help that, unfortunately :( But it may be a sacrifice I need to make in order to get homeopathy into more homes.

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy the new information that will be coming by. I picked some fun posts to share next week!

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  1. I just joined there too! Contact me via FB this week...I'd love to chat.

    Also, lmk if you want to do a back-to-school homeopathy post for parents...