Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Best Time to Learn Homeopathy... When you aren't Sick!

I'm going to make a big generalization here, and please do comment if you feel otherwise, but on the whole, I would say that we tend to get things done when we have to. How many of you wrote papers the night before they were due because- 'I work better under deadline.' Or, how many people change their diet only when their doctor says, 'If you don't do something, you're doing to develop diabetes... or high cholesterol... or heart disease.'

Prevention is- as the saying goes- 'the best medicine- but there's no equal axiom that says it's the easiest. 

So, maybe this post is moot. In which case, I am going to take license to make another generalized statement- we're beginning to change.

We are beginning to take control of our health and our lives in a new way because we have seen the alternative, and we do not want it. Not only that, the options in alternative health and prevention are more accessible than they ever have been before.

In the 'do or die' model, some people come to homeopathy because they've tried everything else. The doctors have thrown up their hands, or written a lifelong prescription for steroids or antibiotics, or other meds. Homeopathy- it certainly can't hurt. And, more often than not, it helps.

But I'd like to suggest that we don't wait that long.

Even waiting until cold and flu season, when everyone is desperate for relief from the bone breaking flu, or the never ending cough, or the cyclical cold that just won't stop.
You can buy remedies to tend to your cold and flu and you can find a lot of guidance through books, on the web, or working with a homeopath to do so. But when you are feeling terrible, or your kids are suffering, it is not the time to learn this modality. Although one of the most amazing things about homeopathy as a modality is that you *can* learn it as a layperson and handle the majority of acute illnesses at home with a bit of persistence and dedication, it pays to pick the right time.

The best time to learn homeopathy? When you, or your loved ones aren't sick. Summertime!!

Putting chronic issues like allergies aside, summer is the perfect time to explore your curiosity and interest in homeopathy and set the stage for cold and flu season (waaaay around the corner, but always there).

Why summer?

Summer afflictions tend to be of the physical variety: insect bites and stings, poison ivy and other skin rashes, injuries like sprained ankles and finger, bumps and bruises, cuts and the like. The occasional upset tummy from too much festival fare.

Homeopathically speaking, these are easy conditions to treat. As a medicine, homeopathy is very individualized, and the patient's *expression* of their illness is essential. With physical afflictions like bites/stings and mild injuries, we can prescribe more on objective symptoms: swelling, itching, bruising. A handful of remedies will alleviate much suffering and cut healing time in half, with very little analysis and speculation on your part.
What this means, is that you get to focus more on observing how the medicine works- was two doses enough? how quickly did that swelling go down? arnica for a fall yesterday, and cocculus for seasickness today!

You have the chance to try out a variety of remedies in a variety of situations, all of which would probably be fine if they *weren't* treated, but would make your trip/outing/hike/bike/sail a whole lot more enjoyable if you didn't have to pack up and go home because someone got a bee sting, or feels woozy on the boat.

As a parent, it is nice to look into the crying face of a child and say- Yes. There *is* something I can do! 

And once you've played around with remedies over the summer, you are ready to take on colds and flus. And if you work with a homeopath for constitutional treatment, then you have a better idea of what's happening because you're familiar with how the remedies work.

I'll be putting out tips for summer homeopathy throughout the season- both here and on my facebook page .
But for those who may be really ready to help their family stay healthy, prevent unnecessary treatment, and boost vitality at the same time- check out my Summer Homeopathy Immersion course. Starting June 1st, it's a four-week beginners course designed to:

-teach you the basic philosophy and principles of homeopathy through online modules- both visual and audio- that you can watch when you want, over and over again.
- educate you on how to choose and use 15 different remedies for common summer afflictions
- includes call in hours and weekly conference calls, so you get one on one treatment *and* coaching
- course specific weekly newsletters that enhance your learning
- includes a 15 remedy kit (value: $45)
- set you up for treating other issues like colds and flus

Check it out, and consider it as a major flagstone of prevention.

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