Monday, April 1, 2013

Homeopathic Aconite, Dog Bites, and Children

This weekend we visited family for Easter. An unfamiliar dog came over on Sunday, and lunged at my son, nipping at his belly. It was minor, and looks like road rash, but it was a traumatic thing for him. 

As a mother, this is one of those times when I can't have enough gratitude for homeopathy. I couldn't take the experience away, I can't restore that innocent love my son had for dogs before this happened. But I could- and DID- give him the remedy, Aconite, to help him with the shock and fear that was gripping him immediately after. Two doses of 200c helped him to feel more grounded again, able to move on with his day. 

We followed up with Arnica when we got home, and now it just looks like a little scratch. 

As parents, we are constantly trying to buffer our children from excessive hurt and the harshness of the world. Despite our best efforts, life happens anyway. In response, our role shifts from protector to supporter, to ally, as they navigate how their reality has shifted. 

Homeopathic remedies in these situations help the hurt from becoming static and entrenched. Shock and fear are natural after a dog bite. Persistent anxiety around dogs, fear of dogs, and 'shell shock' do not *have to be* the result, though they can be *if* that trauma is not allowed to run its course. Aconite, arnica, and other remedies if need be, can help the experience to flow. So too do hugs and being present with the process.

More details on aconite: 

Aconite  is the go-to remedy for shock, trauma, and anxiety. If you can only carry one remedy, it's a toss-up between arnica and aconite but because shock can be so paralyzing, I think I'd opt for aconite. It's available at any natural food stores that carry homeopathic remedies.

In any case, I carry a 200c potency in my remedy kit, but having a 30c in your purse, car, or backpack will do fine. After an accident or witnessing something distressing, hearing bad, unexpected news, a dose of aconite can do wonders to calm the nervous system and bring some equilibrium. Also, aconite is a first remedy for exposure to cold and winds- a 'shock' to the physical system. High, dry fevers and a barking cough can present in the night.

Also, this particular situation and bite was quite minor. More significant trauma and injury from dog bites can also benefit greatly from other homeopathic remedies that are chosen specifically for the symptoms of the patient by a professional homeopath.  Chronic fear of dogs- whether resulting from a bite or not- can also be treated homeopathically.

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